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Opening up sketch commissions- because why not :3 200 points is like $2.50, so they aren't much! I'll do pretty much any character, just a sketch. Thank you!

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Your Legs They Swung for Hours WIP by ObnoxiousGiraffe
Your Legs They Swung for Hours WIP
just a little painty thing i'm working on. Trying new things. Gotta clean it up more and finish coloring Aiko, but ye.
Little Red Lung-Fangs is a great song everyone listen to it
The-Rainfall-Effect Dapplebloom Application by ObnoxiousGiraffe
The-Rainfall-Effect Dapplebloom Application
For :iconthe-rainfall-effect:
Gender: Female
Age: 36 Moons
Clan: ThunderClan
Rank: Warrior
Breed: Siberian Mix (short limbs but long fur)
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Lazy- Dapplebloom enjoys her fair share of naps. She is a hard-worker when she needs to be, but won't give up the chance to complain about it later. This often gets her in trouble if she's not careful!
Friendly- Dapplebloom has nary a mean-bone in her body... when it comes to her own clan. She can be fierce in the heat of battle, but will often catch herself apologizing for injuring her foe. She loves gatherings for this reason- there's no fighting there.
Loyal- She loves nothing more than her clan. Even though she has trouble being lazy and too friendly, she helps her clan by hunting as best she can when asked. She'll even give up her precious naps for a hunting patrol- even if she has to invite herself.
Oblivious- Tension and the like often flies straight over her head. She doesn't bother with drama unless it's brought to her, which she listens to with great interest and care. She's never one to know what's new in the clans- not even her own.
Charismatic- Despite her shortcomings, Dapplebloom is rather charismatic. She could be friends with a Dark Forest cat if she put her mind to it. She draws in friends whether she or they want to or not!
Faithful- She has a deep dedication to her warrior ancestors in StarClan, though she has never seen them as she is not a Medicine Cat. She often talks to her mother, Lilyfall, before she rests just to tell her about the day, even if she's not really there. 
Optimistic- Even when the going gets tough, Dapplebloom tries her best to keep her tail high. She can turn a bad situation into a joke more often than not. Her optimism is generally a good thing, though sometimes others don't appreciate her sentiment during dark times.
Humble- She knows her place as a warrior. She does not argue or have any disrespect for authority. She would gladly give up her life for her Clan, even if she had to die in battle- Dapplebloom knows that she is but a leaf on the great tree that is the Clan. 
Peaceful- As noted before, she doesn't like to fight. She would rather talk things out than have a heated argument. 
Absentminded-  Dapplebloom, along with being oblivious to almost everything, is often wandering around thinking about nothing in particular. She doesn't stress a whole lot, even with the loss of her mother, Lilyfall, and her young brother, Tumblepaw. She'd rather take a quiet stroll or a nap than think about sad times.
Immovable- She is set in her ways. She won't change her way of thinking because it's someone else's, or if she's told to. She has her way of thinking and that's that for her, but she's never rude about it.
Ignorant- On the subject of being Oblivious and Absentminded, she often doesn't know what's up with anything. She also tends to stay out of confrontations for she doesn't know enough about the situation to weigh-in with her own input.
Level-Headed- She knows when to quit or when she's lost an argument (if she ever gets into one). She may be ignorant but she's not stupid- she's well equipped with rationale. 


Family: Lilyfall(Mother; Deceased)- pale gray she-cat with light blue eyes, Father Unknown (probably a loner, Lilyfall never told), Tumblepaw(brother; deceased)- gray tabby tom with green eyes and short limbs.

Dapplekit grew up along with Tumblekit in the nursery- they often played games together, but the other kits didn't have much to do with them. They were scoffed at for their short limbs. "They would never be warriors," she would hear them say, but that just made her more determined. Tumblekit was hurt deeply by these comments, so she and her mother did their best to always stay cheery for him. 
The two became apprentices at 6 moons but Tumblepaw's apprenticeship was cut short by a clumsy accident when they took their first tour of the territory- he fell into the gorge. Dapplepaw did her best to stay happy for him, like she always had. Their mother, Lilyfall was stricken with grief. Dapplepaw once again had to save face for her mother, until her mother eventually grew weak from stress and couldn't fight off a bout of whitecough. Dapplepaw vowed to stay happy throughout her life in memory of her mother and brother- and she made it. 
She trained hard, though she didn't like fighting because she thought it was brutish and mean, but eventually she became a great hunter. She passed her assessment and was given the name of Dapplebloom, for the flower of happiness that blooms in her eyes. She wore her name well during her warrior vigil and continues to purr even at the toughest of times. She always speaks to her mother and brother in StarClan, even though it is a one-sided conversation. She hopes to one day have her own family. 

Fears: She fears breaking the code- even though she hates some of the duties she has to partake in, like battling and patrolling. She fears being lonely, as she is a naturally friendly she-cat. 
Likes: Hunting, naps, friends
Dislikes: Fighting and other drama

She has no ambition to be leader, just the best warrior she can be. She would like to settle down with a mate one day, but she never really thinks about it unless asked or it's a topic of discussion.

Roleplay Info.: 
Simple prose- like the books are written and preferably with proper grammar. 

Roleplay Sample: 
Dapplebloom padded sleepily out of the warriors den, her pelt ruffling in the slight breeze. Yawning, she made her way over to the fresh-kill pile, nosing through the early morning catch before she headed out on a patrol herself. She picked out a plump looking mouse and settled down to eat, "thank you, StarClan, for this prey", she purred and tucked into her meal. Finishing up the last morsel of mouse, she set off to wait for the sunhigh hunting patrol to finish up their own meals and tongue sharing. 
((I can add more if needed))
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So I've been rather sparse on dA... I don't know why, I guess it's just not really that interesting to me anymore(not that Tumblr is much better... it just feels a little better in getting my name out there)
Anyways- I have my main blog,… but it's cluttered with all sorts of fun stuff, so I've made a separate art blog: www.obnoxiousgiraffeart.tumblr…

That's where I'll be posting my art first, more than likely ><


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Favorite Anime Character: Yugi Mutou from Yu-Gi-Oh! :3

Favorite Shows: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Rurouni Kenshin, Hakuouki, Baka and Test, Nurarihyon no Mago, Umineko, Higurashi, Regular Show, Adventure Time, The Looney Toons Show, My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic, Psych, Breaking Bad, NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Castle and more. I watch too much anime/tv XD

I love drawing, and my favorite styles of art are Anime and Western Cartoon, depending on the anime and cartoon, of course.

I am currently getting help on creating a deck of Yu-Gi-Oh cards that one day, I hope to go to a tournament or a convention. (I don't have anybody to duel but online XD Isn't that sad?)

I love drawing stuff for people, but I'm a terrible procrastinator, so I don't get much done, but if someone asks me to draw something for them, or I tell them I will, it'll happen sooner or later. That being said, request away. I have a list of requests on one of my journals.

I generally work in a sketchbook, and then I scan to my computer, completing it in Photoshop Elements 6, Paint Tool SAI, and more recently, a free 30 day trial of CS5 extended. I'll be getting the full version for Christmas so I'll most likely be using that the most. I use a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet that's about 3 years old XD but it runs fine- knocks on wood-

That's enough about me, how about you? :3 I'm happy to talk to anybody- JUST DUN BE CREEPY XD jk jk

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